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Reed Diffuser Care


First place new reed sticks in the oil and allow to sit for an hour to absorb. Flip the reeds over to saturate the top part of the reeds that stick out above oil level. This helps to speed up the process of the soaking up from the bottom, diffusing through the entire reed. It may take up to 24-36 hours for complete diffusion to occur.


Be strategic, place your diffuser in a place with descent airflow to allow even scent dispersal in the room.


Revitalise your diffuser scent release by flipping them at least once a week . This ensures consistent scent delivery. Our reed diffusers last for 6 months approximately.


  1. Do not light diffuser reeds and keep away from open flames, they are highly flammable.
  2. Do not ingest.
  3. Diffuser oil may damage polished surfaces, ensure any residual oil is wiped from the bottom of the bottle before placing on any surface.
  4. Keep away from children and pets.
  5. Diffuser oil may cause allergic skin reaction. In the event of skin or eye contact, rinse thoroughly with water. seek immediate medical attention if irritation occurs.
  6. Avoid releasing into the environment. Diffuser oils are harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Dipose content with approved disposal site based on local regulations.